What You Need to Know About IGT Slots


Slot machines have many different features, and the features of one slot machine can vary significantly from another. A classic fruit machine may have a single special symbol, while a modern video slot will almost always feature a wild or scatter symbol. In addition, modern video slots often come with different reel sets and bonus games. Here’s what you need to know about IGT’s machines.


IGT started out as a land-based casino game manufacturer, and today it has an expansive portfolio of casino games and slot machines. The company is headquartered in Las Vegas, but its slot machines are found in casinos all over the world. In fact, IGT has created over one million slot machines since its founding.

You can play IGT slots on both desktop computers and mobile devices. The company also offers mobile slots on tablets and smartphones. Although some of its slots are decades old, they can still be played on these devices.

IGT’s machines

IGT has developed more than 50 online slots, ranging from basic three-reel slots to the most cutting-edge video slots. Their slots are based on a variety of themes, including Ghostbusters, Family Guy, and Baywatch. Many of them are easy to play and provide a rewarding experience.

Some IGT slots have progressive jackpots, which attract more players and add to the fun. However, these jackpots are meaningless without great gameplay. Some of IGT’s popular slot machines have multiple ways to win, such as Snowy Forest with 720 ways to win. These slots also have Siberian tiger wilds that can help players qualify for the massive main prize.

IGT’s mechanical slots

IGT is the maker of some of the most popular slots around the world. It employs more than 12,000 people in over 100 countries and carries out all stages of production in-house, including software development and manufacturing. In addition to its mechanical slots, IGT also develops games with multiple themes and offers a variety of bonus games.

IGT’s mechanical slots come in two varieties, the classic “spinning reel” and video reel. The former is the more traditional type, while the latter uses more modern technology. The latter is more interactive and includes more unique in-game features.

IGT’s ‘near-miss’ feature

Some people are questioning the use of a ‘near-miss’ feature in slots. The feature is meant to encourage further play. It appears adjacent to a payline and pays for each time it appears there. Several people have expressed concerns about the use of this feature and have even called for the government to investigate it. However, the Attorney General’s office did not look into the issue.

The term ‘near-miss’ has many definitions. In slot machines, the term typically refers to combinations that fall just above or below a payline. However, it has also been used to refer to combinations that are not actually in the payline. The term has become a popular slot feature because of its high perceived value and high potential for profit.

IGT’s ‘theoretical hold worksheet’

The theoretical hold worksheet is a piece of information provided by the manufacturer of a slot machine. It lists the theoretical payback percentage based on the coin-in and reel-strip settings, the number of reels, the payout schedule, and other information about the game. These worksheets are required by gaming establishments that have an annual gross gaming revenue (GGR) of at least $1 million.